Back then, there were many more problems with upgrading software, including drivers. Most tech support was actually rude about informing you that you must uninstall old software before upgrading the new stuff. Quite frankly, even back then, it was not so difficult to write installation code to first check for older software, and uninstall it if necessary. But laziness prevailed; something that seems less common these days.

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For updates, simply restart the installer after a while. Not knowing if there are still installation files left over and to ensure PC is clean, I installed my Oct. 9th Acronis Image of my O/S drive. I then updated Window again except for the 20H2 one.

This time Outlook 365 did not disable the Norton plug in. As you can see, in some games the new 3D card only slightly bypasses or even lags behind the integrated AMD GPUs. But the most revealing thing is that Iris Xe Max in no game has a particular advantage over iGPU Xe in the Core i7-1165G7 processor, and sometimes it manages to be inferior to the latter. Yes, they have an identical configuration, but still the discrete video card has 4 GB of its own memory, and the core frequency there is 300 MHz higher. Lutris is some kind of open source Steam that helps with installing and running some games Lexmark drivers for Windows.

Defragmentation ensures contiguous areas on the hard disk and thus faster file access. Windows does the defragmentation automatically, but does not always do the job optimally. Especially if there are very large files on the hard drive, they are often not connected, which has a negative effect on the performance of PC games and virtualization software. The Windows update will also automatically update some drivers. However, Microsoft only provides standard drivers that do not get the best performance out of the hardware. Just put ticks in front of the programs you want to set up.

Click “Get Your Ninite” and download the installer. This allows you to set up all applications and tools at once and without further inquiries.

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I have seen many reddit posts asking which linux distributions is "best" for gaming. My thoughts on the matter is that, to get the best performance, one simply needs the latest updates. All linux distributions provide the sames packages and provide updates. So any distribution that updates its packages the soonest after upstream , is good in my opinion. Some distributions can take longer, sometimes 6 months after, for big projects . I think the question is a leftover from about years ago.

Each game has its own install script, maintained by usually different people . I have only used Lutris, to install and run Overwatch, I don’t think there’s room for improvement in here since Lutris is just here to run overwatch with a chosen Wine version and environment variables.