Frequently Asked Questions
How do I cancel before the 5 day deadline?
You can either call, text or email us with работа свежие вакансии your request to cancel. We in turn will send you a confirmation of the cancelled booking. Absolutely no charges or penalties will apply if you cancel prior to the deadline.
What if I want to cancel after the 5 day deadline?
Once past the deadline, your credit card is automatically charged at the going seat rate. If you are suddenly unable to join the flight within 5 days before departure, you may find a replacement for the seat. Just let us know.
What if I want to join an existing flight after the 5 day deadline?
No problem provided there is room left on the plane. You will be charged the same rate as the others on the same charter.
What if the flight is cancelled due to weather?
You will be notified as soon as possible via text, call and/or email and your credit card will be refunded.
I'm only comfortable flying with certain companies. Can I choose who we charter with?
As AirShare expands, we will have more companies competing for charters which means more savings for you. However we understand that some people would rather fly with certain companies. You will have the option to select the airlines that best meet your preferences with each new charter booking.
What happens if I miss my flight?
All passengers on the flight depend on each other to keep the seat price at the quoted rate. Unfortunately no refunds for missed flights will be granted to ensure price protection for all on board.
How early must I show up before the departure time?
Departure time is based on when the plane leaves new jobs near me the ground (water). It’s always a good idea to be at the terminal at least 40 minutes before a charter. Boarding usually occurs 15 minutes before the scheduled flight and you MUST be checked before this time, so make sure to set your alarm!
What items am I not allowed to bring?
Any dangerous goods or weapons cannot be carried on board. A list of these items can be found here: click here
Can I bring my pet?
Pets under 25lbs can be carried on board as long as they are placed in a hard-top crate and stored in the aft section of the airplane. Don’t worry, your pet will be safely placed behind a cargo net behind the last row of seats.
Can I bring my bike?
Yes provided you don’t go over your baggage allowance and that your bike can collapse to fit in the cargo section of the airplane. Note that some planes cannot fit bikes. It’s best to let us know when booking if you plan to bring a bike so that we ensure the appropriate aircraft.
How many lbs of bags am I allowed?
40lbs per passenger including carry-on is allotted for each passenger at no extra cost. Any additional bag weight can be carried on board provided there is sufficient payload left. Additional fees for extra baggage may apply.
Where can I park my car?
Each terminal has a car park. Parking is free at all the terminals except for Coal Harbour where hourly/ daily/ valet charges will apply. Please ensure to obtain a parking pass from the counter staff if you are parking at any location besides Coal Harbour.