Rockefeller George Bush Aristole Onassis Sid Richardson Clint Murchison Jean De- Menil (of one’s Schlumberger Co

Mafia (lower than Disk): Meyer Lansky (mafia kingpin more than one another Gicanca (Chicago mob employer) Sam Trafficante Guiterez di Spadafora (Italian Mafia movie director from Permindex) John Roselli (Giacanas Los angeles Lieutenant) Jack Ruby (Jewish individual, Marcellos operative)

Skulls and you can Skeleton: William Bundy William Buckley Averill Harriman McGeorge Bundy George Plant William Bissel Richard Helms Henry Cabot Lodge

CIA: Lee Harvery Oswald Howard Hunt Frank Sturgis (alias Honest Fiorini) David Ferrie (including struggled to obtain Marcello) Number George DeMohrenschildt Clay Shaw Allen Dulles William F. Buckley Jr. Henry Luce George Bush James Jesus Angleton Virgilo Gonzales E. (password label Eduardo) Bernard L. Baker (password term Macho) James McCord Eugenio Martinez Albert Osborne (plus A good.C.C.C.) Harry Dean Richard Situation Nagell Ronald Augutinovich Fred Lee Crisman Richard Helms Jim Braden (was a student in Dealey Nearby mall as a radio son) Lucien Sarti or Frenchy Kid Gabaldin Jerry Patrick Hemming Sergio Aracha Smith (anti-Casto Cuban) Barry Seal Felix Rodriquez (with it and additionally when you look at the Watergate and you can Iran-Contra) William Harvey Theodore Shakley (went Procedure Mongoose)

[REPORTER:] Mr. President, back once again to practical question out-of troop decrease, is one intended about asia presently particularly in Korea and that is around people speedup regarding the detachment out-of Vietnam intended?

4). Enhanced enhanced connection with the new Soviets and even brand new Cuban bodies. By the slip 1963, JFK talked about dtente [dtente=palms limitation, relative defense, linkage regarding things, foundation means] with Cuba expressed by the Ambassador William Attwood as well as McGeorge Bundy. JFK also signed new Atomic Test-ban Pact with the Soviets for the seeking to slowly stop cold weather Battle and also serenity with communists. (He tried dtente with the Soviet Relationship in the summertime of 1963.) Hes one to message discussing it:

He had been without a doubt somebody just before their time. He in addition to got wonders knowledge about UFOs one to turned out deadly because really due to the fact he was certainly one of very first individuals realize about Roswell. Costs Holden, a reporter toward Heavens Push That, into the 1963 questioned this new President just what performed he regarded UFOs and you will Kennedy was very serious when he replied you to definitely I want to inform the general public concerning alien disease, but my personal give was tied.” JFK was a different in the considering and you can conception from the country feel even when JFK is actually an effective CFR associate and you will a great Knight out-of Columbus.

This new Bay of Pigs are weak, due to safeguards things. The result try fury from the JFK mostly and you can George Plant also desired JFK so you’re able to gather the fresh courage to try a second intrusion away from Cuba. By the 1963, a story to have his passing began. High-level Illuminati ordered his demise in the 1963 such as the Merovingians, Onassis, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds (All of the cuatro try advanced Illuminati families), and even the Jesuit Standard.

Peter Sophistication Robert McNarma Dan Alternatively Richard Nixon Walter Cronkite (cover-up) John McCloy (Chairman from Chase New york Financial and involved in oils enterprises allied in order to Rockefeller) William Bundy Henry Kissinger (KGB representative) David Rockefeller Nelson A

Lee Harvey Oswald is actually good CIA broker and you can Soviet defector chose once the an excellent patsy and you will murdered from the Jack Ruby. Indeed, you will find numerous proof to show his innocenne, nevertheless smoking firearm is certainly one item. There is a picture in reality indicating Oswald into first floor maybe not brand new sixth flooring of the Guide Depository Strengthening during the time of the very first try discharged for the JFKs murder.

“Really, if you’re Kennedy are active shaking hand with all the well wishers at the airport, Johnsons Secret-service individuals emerged out to the fresh cycle cops and you will gave all of us a bunch of rules. The fresh new darnedest procedure is they advised united states the procession route by way of Dealy Nearby mall was being altered. Altered? Just how, Jean Hill asks.

While the Secret-service are included in area of the murder and you can was indeed controlledby new Illuminati/Freemasons/Jesuits which bought the new hit.

Records and other guidance has just located connections out of George H. W. Plant [CFR representative/ Trilateral Fee user/ Skulls and you will Skeleton/Buy of your own Garter/ Bohemian Pub affiliate] on the involvement away from JFK murder. Paul Kangas is one of the earliest investigative journalists just who tie Plant so you’re able to JFK.

“George Bush says he never ever struggled to obtain the latest CIA up to he are designated Movie director from the previous Warren Percentage manager then chairman Jerry Ford during the 1976. Logic implies that is highly unrealistic. Without a doubt, Bush features a family duty in order to deny in new CIA. Brand new CIA is a secret organization. Nobody ever admits to help you are a member. The fact is that Plant has been a high CIA specialized given that before th elizabeth 1961 attack out-of Cuba, coping with Felix Rodriguez. Plant will get refuse their actual part from the CIA in the 1959, however, discover records regarding the Bay out of Pigs intrusion away from Cuba you to definitely introduce Bush’s role. “

Permindex is actually the organization front side that’s yourself mixed up in assassination out-of John Fritzgerald Kennedy headed because of the Louis Mortimer Bloomfield. Bloomfield was a person in the order of St. John away from Jerusalem, struggled to obtain the new OSS (WWII’s types of new CIA), and you may went FBI’s Prevent Cleverness Division 5. Louis Yards. Bloomfield did f and/or Illuminati regarding the SOE or perhaps the United kingdom Speical Procedure Professional which is also inside the Us Armed forces Intelligence. A perfect head of Bloomfield try Sir William Stephenson (a member of MI6, British Intelligence, and you can the main Panel out-of three hundred). The fact is that:

5). J. Edgar Hoover- New manager otherwise I should say new Dictator of the FBI away from 1924-1972. He or she is a thirty-three Education Freemason and you may an effective traitor in order to their Presbyterian rots, got secret black bloodstream, and you can a great tyrant who utilized the unlawful COINTELPRO you to definitely stalked also legitimate dissenters towards government’s formula into the 1960’s. He could be a well-known flamboyant, flaming homosexual.

Howard Hunt Jr

Cutting-edge is a term to explain so it part of the John F. Kennedy secret, nevertheless truth gets obvious. My lookup and also the real insights renders reveal of the area that more than one round striking JFK in more than you to definitely assistance. You will find at the very least 5 shots discharged that strike near otherwise from the John F. Kennedy. Here is a straightforward writeup on them:

And, the fresh new bullet are about right since the each one of his finally injuries was to the newest remaining and you will less than. Given that earliest injuries was basically to the right and on the fresh new better so that the bullet’s take a trip was at an excellent diagonal, but straight-line that your player fired on top floor of the TSBD. Now you know the knowledge about this type of images that hit John Fitzgerald Kennedy and you may John Connally.