SAITIS (Saitis), good surname away from Athena, around hence she had a haven into the Mount Pontinus, close Lerna in the Argolis

SCIRAS (Skiras), a surname out of Athena, significantly less than and therefore she had a forehead regarding Attic vent regarding Phaleron, and in new area out of Salamis (Paus

PAREIA (Pareia), a good surname from Athena, below hence she had a sculpture inside the Laconia, perhaps so called merely from the are created from Parian marble. (Paus. iii. 20. § 8.)

PA?RTHENOS (Parthenos), we. e. the latest virgin, a beneficial surname out-of Athena within Athens, where famous temple Parthenon is actually intent on the girl. (Paus. i. twenty-four, v. ii. § 5, viii. 41. § 5, x. 34, during the fin.)

PHRY?GIA (Phrugia) Phrygia is also utilized . . . due to the fact an effective surname of Athena (Minerva) because of the Palladium which had been introduced of Phrygia. (Ov. Found. xiii. 337; evaluate Apollod. iii. several. § 3.)


PO?LIAS (Polias), i.age. “the newest deity securing the town,” good surname out-of Athena at the Athens, in which she try especially worshipped because the securing divinity of your own acropolis. (Paus. we. twenty-seven. § I; Arnob. adv. Gent. vi. 193.)

POLIU?CHOS (Poliouchos), we.elizabeth. “securing the metropolis,” happen because a good surname of many divinities, for example Athena Chalcioecus from the Sparta. (Paus. iii. 17. § 2), as well as Athena at the Athens.

PROMACHORMA (Promachorma), i.elizabeth. “the newest protectress of bay,” are a beneficial surname from Athena, not as much as and this she had a haven into the attach Buporthmos near Hermione. (Paus. ii. 34. § 9.)

PRONAEA (Pronaia), an effective surname regarding Athena, significantly less than and this she got a chapel during the Delphi, prior to the forehead away from Apollo. ( we. 92; Aeschyl. Eum. 21; Paus. ix. 10. § 2.) Pronaus plus happens because the an excellent surname away from Hermes. (Paus. l. c.)

(Paus. ii. thirty six in fin. ; compensation. ii. 175; Tzetz. advertising Lycoph. 111.) The name is tracked because of the Greeks to your Egyptians, among which Athena are believed to are known as Sais.

i. step one. § 4; viii. 94). In the few days from Scirophorion an event try renowned within Athens into the honor off their, which was called Skiraphoria (Harpocr. s. v. Skiron). The origin of your temple in the Phaleron is ascribed from the Pausanias to a great soothsayer, Scirus out of Dodona, who’s considered came in order to Attica at that time in the event that Eleusinians had been at combat that have king Erechtheus. (Paus. i. thirty-six. § 3 ; compensation. Strab. ix. p. 393; Steph. Byz. s. v. Skiros.)

SOTEIRA (Sotewera), we. age. “the saving goddess’ (Lat. Sospita), happen due to the fact a beneficial surname of a lot people divinities inside the Greece, elizabeth. grams. step one. from Artemis . . . 2. regarding Persephone within the Laconia (iii. 13. § 2), from inside the Arcadia (viii. 29. § 1) ; step 3. out-of Athena (Schol. post Plat. p. ninety. ed. Ruhnken ; Aristot. Rhet. iii. 18); and you may cuatro. off Eunomia (Pind. Ol. ix. twenty five.)

TRITO or TRITOGENEIA (Trito otherwise Tritogeneia and Tritogenes), a good surname out of Athena (Hom. Il. iv. 515, Od. iii. 378; Hes. Theog. 924), which is told me in a different way. Particular derive it out-of lake Tritonis from inside the Libya, near which she’s believed to were produced (Eurip. Ion. 872 ; Apollod. i. 3. § 6; comp. iv. 150, 179); other people in the weight Triton close Alalcomenae from inside the Boeotia, in which she was worshipped, and you may in which predicated on some statements she was also created (Paus. ix pure. 33. § 4; compensation. Horn. Il. iv. 8); the grame regarding trito and that, regarding the dialect of the Athamanians, is said so you’re able to signify “direct,” therefore it would be the goddess created from the direct out-of this lady dad. (Schol. post Apollon. Rhod. iv. 1310; compensation. Hom. Hymn. twenty-eight. 4 ; Hes. Theog. 924.)

XE?NIA (Xenia), and masculine Xenios was epithets away from Athena and you will Zeus, outlining next just like the presiding across the regulations out-of hospitality, and you may protecting visitors. (Lat. Hospitalis ; Paus. iii. 11, from inside the fin.; Hom. Od. xiv. 389; Cic. post Q. Frat. ii. a dozen.)